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Bài mẫu Task 1_Monthly Spending


Bài mẫu Task 1 viết bởi GNN Academy


The bar chart shows the monthly spending in dollars of a family in the USA on three items in 2010.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


The bar chart illustrates the monthly expenditures of an American household in 2010. Units are measured in dollars.

Overall, there was a downward trend of monthly spending of the American family over the period given. At the start of the period, food constituted the largest amount of money spent, followed by gas and clothing, respectively. In contrast, at the end of the period, clothing spending made up the largest number of expenditures, followed by gas and food.

To begin with, the expenditure on food has experienced a noticeable drop during the given period. Specifically, the spending on food stood at 500 at the beginning of the period, after which there was a fluctuation in the food expenditure before reaching a low of roughly 300 in the final month.

Conversely, the pattern for gas and clothing was almost similar during the period given in which the expenditures on both gas and clothing have seen a dramatic rise. Indeed, the expenditure on gas was at about 300 at the beginning of the period, after which this figure has seen a significant oscillation before peaking at a high of almost 400 in the final month. Similarly, clothing spending was at approximately 200 in January, after that it has witnessed a considerable vacillation before reaching a peak of more or less 700 in the final month.

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