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Bài mẫu Task 1 – Power Plant


Đề bài của bài mẫu Task 1 kỳ này là:

Essay topics: the diagram shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity

Answer by GNN Academy:

The picture illustrates the process of producing electricity using geothermal energy.
Overall, the process of generating electricity in geothermal plants entails five various stages, beginning with the pumping of cold water down the injection well and ending with the production of electricity using generator and turbine.
In the first stage, cold water is pumped 4.5 km down the ground into the injection well, after which water is put through the geothermal zone including hot rocks. Following this, water then flows towards the production well. From this point, water is becoming hotter and is then pumped up out of the production well into a container which is called the condenser.
In the following stage, water is condensed until the resulting steam is able to turn the turbine. After that, power from the turbine is put through a generator by which electricity is generated. Finally, electricity is passed into the grid for consumption.

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