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Writing mẫu Task 2 – Pollution problems


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Some people think the government should be responsible for solving the pollution problems which result from heavy traffic. To what extent do you agree?


It is true that the government should be in charge of dealing with contamination issues relating to crowded vehicles. Whilst I partially agree that the government should adopt appropriate measures to alleviate contamination problems, I also believe that citizens are able to perform effective actions against pollution.

On the one hand, the government is in a position to shape deliberate policies aiming to limit the amount of exhaust fumes released into the air. There are a multitude of national policies that may be adopted by the government, for instance, they may impose fuel and vehicle standards to decrease air pollution. Consequently, oil companies and vehicle manufacturers must carry out significant improvements to gasoline and vehicles to meet these standards, which in turn promote public health. Equally important, the government could also establish environmental taxes in the forms of congestion charges, vehicle taxation, and gasoline tax. These taxes are likely to lay a sound foundation for good behaviour towards the environment. All in all, the role of the government is seen as crucial in ameliorating the environmental issues pertaining to heavy traffic.

On the other hand, individuals should also perform environmentally-friendly behaviour to avoid damaging the environment. For example, the inhabitants are encouraged to walk for short distances in lieu of using vehicles which release exhaust emissions. Significantly, the residents may choose to use mass transit instead of driving their own cars to reduce the amount of fumes. What is more, people are advised to try environmentally-friendly vehicles such as eco-friendly cars. Inasmuch as these vehicles use less gas and use alternative energy such as electricity and battery power, using them is beneficial to the ecosystem. Taken together, these practices go some way to help improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, trim ozone depletion, enhance water quality, protect natural resources, and diminish noise.

In conclusion, notwithstanding that there are sound reasons why the government should be responsible for tackling environmental problems associated with transportation, I also highlight that the residents should also carry responsibility for the environmental issues relating to the conveyance.

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