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Ielts WritingTask 2 Thủ Đức Quận 9 – Topic Violent Sports

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Một bài luận Ielts Writing Task 2 band C2 viết bởi Dennis Nguyen – GNN Academy .

Some people think that that sports involving violence, such as boxing and martial arts, should be banned from TV as well as from international sporting competitions.
To what extent do you agree?

It can be argued that brutal and violent sports such as boxing, martial arts, or wrestling should be prohibited from TV channels and international sporting competitions. Whilst there are some possible reasons why this is the case, I also believe that these violent sports might also be beneficial for society to some degree.

There is a wide range of plausible explanations as to why these brutal sports should be banned. First, these sports are generally regarded as barbaric and similar to organized physical assaults. These forms of assault are similar to dueling which was seen as illegal and was therefore banned many years ago. Second, these extremely harmful sports might give rise to deliberate injuries, especially “knockout”, resulting in adverse effects on players. These injuries are directly linked to serious problems of these competitors in later life. For instance, at the end of their career, their brains might end up injured. Third, by glamorizing violence and physical aggression on TV channels and global competitions, children could get the wrong message affecting their future attitudes and behavior. Indeed, there is a worrying tendency in which these youngsters might become particularly aggressive and they are prone to use violence to solve their future problems.

On the other hand, there are also arguments supporting these brutal sports. For example, these sports demand a high degree of physical fitness. Consequently, these sports encourage youngsters to go to the gym and look after their body. In addition, these sports can teach juveniles self-defense skills and facilitate their self-esteem. These skills and self-esteem are highly beneficial to adolescents in their future life. Furthermore, these kinds of sports can be a good way for some destitute children to improve their lives and living conditions by training hard aiming to become successful. The fact is that these youngsters are not able to gain a better education to have a good job with a lucrative income.

In conclusion, while there are many convincing explanations as to why violent sports should be prohibited, I also believe that these sports might be fairly useful for today’s society to some extent.

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