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Ielts writing Task 2 – Genetically Modified Food

Writing Task 2 - thực phẩm biến đổi gen

Một bài Ielts writing Task 2 bởi GNN Academy band C2 (IELTS 8.5+) chấm bởi Cambridge

With a growing population, many people believe that we should focus on producing more GM foods.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?
It is argued that GM foods occupy an essential role in alleviating the shortage of food caused by the overwhelming population growth. Whilst I strongly agree that GM foods are essential for human beings, I am also inclined to believe that these foods could also give rise to adverse consequences for the ecosystem and agriculture.
On the one hand, there are many plausible explanations why genetically modified organisms are considered fairly useful. First, drawing on GMOs, we are able to increase productivity for the same croplands or in other words, we could produce bigger crop yields. In some cases, the crop yields can potentially double. This makes it possible to meet the food demands for future generations. Second, notwithstanding that the initial costs for modified seeds seem high, genetically modified crops are relatively cheaper to grow. Indeed, the modified crops are likely to stand up weather extremes and require cheaper pesticides and herbicides. Also, they also require fewer people to tend the crops. Third, genetically modified food is, by/from all accounts, seen as of higher quality and more nutritious.
On the other hand, genetically modified organisms might also bring about undesirable effects on the ecosystem. For example, they could exert unwanted or residual effects on the soil for a long period of time. Accordingly, genetically modified plants are likely to cause various concerns on ecosystems with GMO strains and this detrimental effect might last up to 6 years. It is believed that these strains are able to change agriculture in a negative way. Importantly, GMOs could pose a threat to the insects which are essential to the ecosystem such as butterflies. The new genes created might be deadly to these insects. Intriguingly, new genes facilitate the creation of weeds and in turn, new herbicides invented and used might have toxic consequences on various animal and the ecosystem in general.
In conclusion, whilst GM foods are considered to be necessary to handle the food shortage resulting from the increasing population, GMOs have their own devastating effects on the ecosystem and more future research should be performed to investigate the unpleasant consequences of GMOs.
Author: GNN Academy

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